Winnie Raeder shares new single “I Wear A Ghost’ rel 25.4.19

Winnie Raeder shares her highly anticipated second single ‘I Wear A Ghost’, rel. via AE Records) on 24.5.19

Winnie quotes “You have baggage from previous times in your life that will manifest today, in the present, because where you have been in your life makes you. It shapes you.”

As the title suggests, it explores the idea that we all pick up scars in our lives that we often take into future human relationships. The optimistic power of this song is that love and connection enable that emotional weight to be shared.

Co-written with Sam Romans, Winnie recalls that ‘`I Wear A Ghost’ was a title that she had in her mind for some time.

Winnie quotes: “It felt like it was already written. We had a conversation and the song just happened so naturally. We were just two people talking about life, talking about how things feel and how it feels to be human”.

Winnie plays her first headline show at St Pancras Old Church on June 3rd. Check link below to buy tickets

Discovered early last year, making coffee in a small cafe in Putney, a chance meeting lead Winnie to her destined path in music. Born and raised in Aabenraa, Denmark and now residing in London, 23 year old, singer/ songwriter Winnie Raeder prides herself on powerful and emotive story-telling.


3.6.19             Headline Show at St Pancras Old Church – Buy Tickets

15.6.19          Bushstock, London – Buy Tickets

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