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Don’t just take our word for it. Below you can read feedback from the artists, labels and brand managers we’ve worked with.

Azu Yeché, Artist
“It was such a pleasure working with Hannah and Charmfactory on ‘Leave me Now’. Charmfactory only takes in music they are into and this shows in the passion and energy they put into the campaign. Hannah was a total joy to work with and helped me get great coverage – not only on music blogs and sites but on fashion sites too as that’s true to my artistry. They drafted a bespoke campaign for my project. Hannah and Sarah were always available to chat and offer advice and their contacts are far reaching. I would absolutely recommend working with them because , in addition to them being lovely people, they are also great at their job and help achieve great results.”

Hugo Scherman, Big Wednesday (Joshua Idehen)
“As always, when working with Hannah and the team at Charmfactory, you get fantastic results and great communication. The Joshua Idehen campaign was no exception. Good planning, open discussion of what to expect and a perfect roll out. Always a pleasure.”

Chase Woods, Artist
“I am incredibly grateful for the past four years working with Sarah as my music mentor. Her guidance has been nothing short of amazing, offering not only valuable insights but also unwavering support. Sarah’s expertise and dedication have played a pivotal role in my musical journey, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone striving to advance in the music industry. Sarah’s impact on my musical growth extends beyond just mentorship. With an extensive reach in the music industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge on music marketing that has been a game-changer for me. Her insights into navigating the industry landscape and crafting effective marketing strategies have been instrumental in elevating my music to new heights. Working with Sarah has not only been educational but also a transformative experience that has shaped my artistic trajectory.”

Clara Pople, Artist
“I have been working with Sarah for about 4 months now and my god can I notice a difference in my career. The main difference I notice is my approach to professionalism through Sarah’s ability to encourage and nurture my own talents. She believes in me, she’s constantly thinking of new ways of helping me and with all this she makes me work harder and want to work harder than ever before. Another of Sarah’s amazing skills as a manager is bringing people together and marrying their creative skills. Her roster of young creatives is huge and her rapport with each of these people means that when she combines us all together  – creative glory is achieved. Her ability to notice and harness talent is innovative and wonderful and is huge testament to her giving and willing character. She is a priceless asset to my life and career!”

Oli Rose, Lang Lang Foundation
“I have been working with Sarah & Charmfactory on and off for over a decade and could not be more delighted to have them on board representing the Lang Lang Foundation. Working with Sarah and Vicky has already been a real game changer and I’m incredibly excited for what’s to come. Their creativity, strategic thinking and ability to think outside the box is second to none.”

Tom Speight, Artist
“I’ve worked with Sarah for the last 8 years. She has been with me since day 1 from securing independent blogs to huge national papers. It’s been such an incredible journey growing this project with her from the initial EP’s to hitting the album charts. Not only has Sarah exceeded the amount of Press/PR I thought we could get, she has also help guide the project with A&R & steering everything in the right direction. Long live Charmfactory!!!”

Little Boots, Artist
“Charmfactory were fantastic to work with on my campaign. They were thoughtful, strategic and extremely personable. I very much looking forward working with them again on new music!”

Matilda Eyre, Artist
“Working with Hannah has been absolutely amazing. She provides a super structured and pro-active campaign with wonderful features and lasting connections. This, alongside a tailored release schedule, has really pushed it to the next level”

Dance Lessons, Artist
“We were impressed with Alex and the team’s work on our debut single campaign and the results they got. It was a strong start for us to build upon and helped us announce ourselves in the way we had hoped.”

Maria Giuliana, Public Records
“Hannah’s drive, commitment and expertise is unmatched as she delivers quality results, making her the ultimate team player.”

Sequoia Music Management, RAYE
“I’ve been really impressed with the job done for Raye. The online strategy and following coverage they have achieved with us has been beyond my expectations and it has helped create the buzz and interest we were hoping for going in to the campaign. They have proved a vital part of our team and the success we are having.”

Lorraine Long, Longevity PR
“I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity Charmfactory gave me when they took me. I was less than two years into my music industry career so still very inexperienced at the time and they saw something in me, a potential that even I didn’t see at the time. They taught me to see the bigger picture and look at things through a different prism. They went way above and beyond what competitors were doing. I know I wouldn’t be where I am now, running my own PR company and co-managing a number of bands if it wasn’t for all I learned over the many brilliant years I worked with Sarah and the team.”

Alia Aldeghather
“Charmfactory gave me my first foot in the door in the music industry and were such an amazing team to learn from. The passion and dedication they put into their artists and campaigns is second to none.”

Cameron Stanton, Head of Streaming, Atlantic Records
“I will always be very grateful to Sarah and Charmfactory for the invaluable experience I gained there during my first music industry internship. Challenging me to learn about the streaming landscape while it was still in its infancy (prior even to its inclusion in the charts) has had an enormous impact on my career ever since”

Charlie Murdoch, Highfield Music
“Charmfactory is a pleasure to work with and constantly get results. Working with developing artists, Sarah has been instrumental in the success our artists have achieved.”

Murray Rose, Emerging Behaviour
“I’ve worked with Sarah on an abundance of projects, and can’t recommend them highly enough, their online and digital campaigns are always carefully thought out, superbly executed and always deliver the results.”

Becca Gatrell, Wow and Flutter
“Vicky and the Charmfactory are extremely consistent and reliable with their approach to PR. I have used them across the Wow & Flutter roster and always felt very happy with the coverage and communication. Plus they’re really nice and fun people who love music.”

Liz Goodwin, Atlantic Records
“I have worked with the team at Charmfactory over a number of years and across a wide variety of artists. I have always been incredibly impressed with their attention to detail, their amazing understanding of artist positioning and the strategies they employ to get the results we need. I am definitely going to be working with them a lot in the future.”

Jake Gosling, Goldun Egg Records
“Charmfactory are a “best in class” music PR and consultancy firm.  Sarah and her team are a dream to work with, provide detailed and consistent updates throughout, and the results speak for themselves!  Cannot recommend highly enough.  Thank you for all your support with our roster over the years.”

Asa Hoglund, Cosmos Music
“Cosmos Music has worked with CF on many different projects over the years and they have always been one of our go to Agencies in the UK. Thanks to Vicky and the team the launch of our Molly Hammar campaign got off to a great start in UK. They always deliver and are always reliable, and we can´t wait to see what we can achieve together during 2020.”

Charles Kirby-Welch, Kartel
“We have enjoyed working with the Charmfactory team on a range of projects from new to more established artists. They always provide a realistic perspective, honest feedback and a pro-active innovative approach to online PR and social media management. Feedback being as important as results Charm set the bar in being both diligent and detailed in their weekly reports. If this were an album review it’d be a 5/5.”

Pru Harris, GM, Marathon Records
“Amazing job… Charmfactory have achieved above and beyond what we expected.”

Angie Somerside
“Always innovative, always professional and they speak normal speak.”

Clare Britt
“5 years at the digital coalface, thank goodness you kept the candle burning…from the Rough Trade Mining Corporation.”

Rakhee Sapra, Universal Canada
“Hannah has been an incredible asset to our team. She’s earned consistent and quality media coverage and is a genuine pleasure to work with.”

Luke Bevans, Impressed Records
“Sarah is one of the most knowledgeable people in business – it’s been a pleasure to work with her with many varied artists – and long may it continue.”

Charlie Dancer, Talent Development Manager at Generator
“Hannah provided us with a really succinct campaign, honest direction and a strong flow of feedback – I’d definitely work with Charm again!”

Mute Records
“Sarah’s approach is driven by passion for the music and a clear understanding of what it takes to get ahead in the online sphere.”