Danish internet personality Alex Holtti releases debut single ’Bad Guy’

Today, Alex Holtti, the successful internet personality hailing from Denmark releases his debut single ’Bad Guy’ (rel 22/02/19)The 24-year-old musician from Copenhagen originally launched into the limelight when he posted a series of YouTube vines as a teenager, the humorous posts with a musical twist, gained Alex an almost instant following of millions worldwide. In 2017 Alex started writing and producing his own songs and his long awaited debut single ‘Bad Guy’ is finally here. The track presents a more honest and serious side to the artist.

Alex Holtti’s voice is both powerful and vulnerable, whilst lyrically he touches upon the complexities surrounding honesty and exclusivity in the early stages of  relationships. ”One party always ends up being the bad guy”. Says Alex, who describes the song as ‘kinda sad, but you can also shake that sad ass to it”.

Alex Holtti always aspired to make his own music, he grew up in a musical family and took to the drums from an early age. He draws inspiration from RnB royalty such as Frank Ocean and the early Usher records.

Alex is will release throughout 2019 and is set to announce his headline show in Copenhagen before the end of the year.

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