Adria, London based (but Australia born) alt-pop artist, releases ‘Gold Water’ (rel 12.10.17), the hotly anticipated follow-up to her debut EP ‘Shell’ released in 2015.

The artist was named after the Adriatic Sea and grew up on the West Coast of Australia, so it is no surprise that she feels a deep connection to the water. Inspired by its conflicting, interchangeable qualities, from the glassy and calm, to the dramatic and turbulent. All are expertly referenced, in her approach to writing sophisticated brooding pop.

As a teenager living in one of the most isolated cities in the world, Adria sought solace in music, by playing in local bands and taught herself to play the piano at dance school, inspired by a love of ballet. However, it wasn’t until she travelled across oceans to Europe, that she was able to draw on new influences which helped her to diversify and hone a more enriched emotive sound. ‘Gold Water’ presents Adria’s signature haunting vocals, underpinned by a breath-taking cinematic soundscape, of slow build, spiralling electro-beats.

Speaking about the track, Adria said “After ‘Shell’ was released, I felt the need to take a break from music, to draw on new experiences before writing and spending time in the studio again. This track is about romanticising situations and creating an idealistic vision of a person, or circumstance, which ultimately sets you up for failure. This usually happens during the early stages of a friendship, or any sort of relationship where everything appears glittery and gold on the surface – ‘Gold Water’ is about the moments before the water gets dark and murky.”

Littered with Scandinavian influence, ‘Gold Water’ was mixed in Stockholm, Sweden, by Viktor Balter-Lundin (Lykke Li). The result is an exquisite representation of melancholic synth-pop that captivates the listener from the offset.


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