Charmfactory is honoured to work with the fantastic Lang Lang International Music Foundation to help them fulfil their mission to give all children access to music education, regardless of their background.

The Lang Lang International Music Foundation, established by renowned pianist Lang Lang in 2008, is dedicated to inspiring and fostering a love for classical music among young people worldwide. The foundation focuses on music education and outreach programs, believing that music can break down cultural barriers and foster global understanding.

It provides resources, mentorship, and performance opportunities to young musicians, aiming to nurture the next generation of music enthusiasts and performers. Key programs include the “Keys of Inspiration” initiative, which integrates a rigorous music curriculum into public schools, and the “Young Scholars” program, offering individual support and exposure to talented young artists.

Beyond education, the foundation emphasises community engagement and cultural exchange. It organises concerts, masterclasses, and events that bring together young musicians from diverse backgrounds, promoting cross-cultural collaboration and appreciation.

Through partnerships with schools, community organizations, and cultural institutions, the Lang Lang International Music Foundation seeks to make classical music accessible and relevant to broader audiences, especially underserved communities.

Its initiatives are designed to inspire creativity, discipline, and a lifelong passion for music in children, fostering both personal and artistic growth.

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