On June 23rd, 2023, Cameroonian-Danish alt-R&B talent, Allen Anjeh, releases her new single ‘’Once in a Million” via Universal Denmark. The track was co-written with London-based Nigerian artist/producer AZEKEL and follows her debut single “Rising Sun”. “Once in a Million” is the second track to be released from Allen’s 5-track debut EP set for release in August 2023. 

Listen to “Once In A Million” HERE

‘Once in A Million’ delivers a stunning meld of progressive electronics and percussive beats that push through the sonic boundaries of R&B, to nestle firmly in the soul camp. An expertly crafted soundscape which brings the artist’s striking voice into laser-sharp focus.

Speaking about the single, Allen said “Once in A Million” is about relationships that feel one-sided and never reciprocated. One of those relationships or friendships where you feel like you’re continually making sacrifices and the other person just sits back and takes full advantage of you.

Allen Anjeh is here to speak her truth. A bold fashion-forward voice within alt-R&B, she draws heavily on her experiences as a child in Cameroon, and a teenager in Denmark, to sculpt something that is truly hers.  Growing up, she was exposed to an eclectic mix of sounds, from her brother’s unwavering selection of 90s hip hop, such as Nas, Biggie and 50 Cent, she also loved the latest MTV videos from inspirational female acts such as Destiny’s Child and Missy Elliott and then there was her grandmother spinning Cameroonian classics from artists such Manu Di Bango, or righteous Nigerian icon Fela Kuti. In short, it was an inspirational brew of musical influences that flowed through the household.

The artist’s life was turned upside down at the age of 12, when Allen left the comfort of her extended family in colourful Cameroon and moved to Denmark, to join her mother in Copenhagen. It was then that music became Allen’s safe space. She won a spot in the school choir, stealing the show with an incredible solo. But her big break came when she signed herself and her best friend at the time up for X-Factor as a prank, with no idea about the potential exposure it could garner. The artist recalls the whole experience as pretty unpleasant, but as the only black kid on the show, the small, but powerful, black-Danish community gravitated towards the pair. This is where Allen began to earn legitimate recognition and a fanbase. Sometime later, an old friend from the show introduced Allen to Danish music producers Esben Zefting and Mark Fosnæs. Together they nurtured her songwriting and helped Allen Anjeh to figure out where her voice lay.  The artist’s love for fashion and music coexists harmoniously together, alongside a glorious fusion of African colour and Danish style which has earned her an ongoing collaboration with H&M. 

Allen’s songwriting draws inspiration from her own unique experiences of growing up in two wildly different worlds, creating a musical universe that speaks from the heart. Her music has become a means of tethering the artist to her African heritage and the communities she grew up in. Her songs focus on fragility, insecurities, frustrations and vulnerability as well as compassion, love, and, most significantly the communication barriers she has faced.

Allen’s forthcoming debut EP is entitled ‘Ó mmɛ ne’ which translates to ‘This is me’.  The collection of songs showcases a snapshot of the artist’s internal and external complexities colliding, as she attempts to find some form of harmony within. She takes the best of her eclectic influences with each track to create something truly mesmerising. A blaze of creativity keeps us hooked from the outset as Allen Anjeh looks set to take the world by storm.

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