Virgin Media lines up Karl Zine’s single ‘Greenscreen’ for a major sync

with brand new advertising campaign ‘Faster Brings Us Closer’

Karl Zine’s 2020 debut single ‘Greenscreen’ has been chosen as the soundtrack to Virgin Media’s major new advertising campaign ‘Faster Brings Us Closer’. Released via independent label Wow & Flutter Records, ‘Greenscreen’ is taken from Karl Zine’s debut album ‘Hyper’ (rel. 22.01.21) and marks itself as a significant achievement for independent releasing artists across the globe.  The ‘Greenscreen’ (2021 Radio Edit) is released on 19th February 2021 by Wow and Flutter Records to tie in with the Virgin campaign. 

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Watch the Virgin Media Advert HERE  

The long form commercial was created by award winning advertising agency adam&eveDDB and tells a timeless love story between two students, Jade and Jake, who team up in an online role-playing videogame and slowly build a connection as they traverse a fantasy landscape. It was directed by Academy director, Frederic Planchon who has won awards at all major international advertising festivals (Playstation ‘Tear’, Renault ‘French Exchange’). The first spot aired on Friday 5th February during Coronation Street, and the full three-minute commercial, which includes Karl Zine’s lead vocal, is lined up to premiere in social media on Valentine’s Day. The campaign will also rollout digital media, social and a four-month radio partnership with Bauer Media.

Cilesta Van Doorn, Virgin Media’s brand and marketing director, says “the company “switched gears” on its marketing, taking on a more emotional route due to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Karl Zine said about the sync achievement “I always imagined the music to Greenscreen as having an epic story to it, with all its contrasting sections and changing instrumentation. I hope that this this sync will help to break down some of the barriers that exist for independent artists writing music that doesn’t quite fit a specific genre. I am incredibly grateful to have this rare opportunity to get the music ‘out in the world’.  It was a real pleasure to work with music supervisor Jesper Gadeberg and the team at the agency to shape the song into a bespoke piece for their film.”

Wow & Flutter Records was set up in 2017 by Music Supervisor and former Head of Film & TV at Universal Publishing Becca Gatrell. This sync marks a real moment of recognition for the label, and what can genuinely be achieved starting out with great music, a laptop and a lot of staying power. Wow & Flutter has also seen great success developing singer-songwriter Tommy Ashby who has had several key syncs including in Grey’s Anatomy and Midnight Texas. His next single ‘Happy Just To Know’ has secured a top advertising spot for European supermarket ‘PLUS’ airing in March 2021.

Becca Gatrell, Director of Wow and Flutter Music says “My mission for Wow and Flutter was straight forward; to sign music I loved and help navigate a path, both creatively and financially, for independent artists. A major brand advertising sync, launching 2 weeks after album release is a dream scenario in any situation, but for an emerging artist and totally independent label it is almost unheard of. The music industry and creativity is becoming increasingly locked down by what suits certain playlists and the insular label system, so we are incredibly proud to have fought our way into the mainstream media with this sync. The exposure and financial benefits this kind of sync bring are truly game changing for an artist in this position. I had 100% belief in Karl Zine’s music the moment I heard his songwriting. Special to thanks our sync Queen Michelle Stoddart for listening to music and caring about what happens with it.

Tom Foster, European Head of Film & TV at Universal Music Publishing said “It’s rare that the timing of an advertising sync coincides so perfectly with an album release. In this case, to land something as high profile as a Virgin Media advert two weeks after release of the Karl Zine album is a huge achievement.”     

Karl Zine launched his solo career in September 2020 with debut single ‘Greenscreen’ and his debut album ‘Hyper’ was released January 22nd 2021. 

Praise for Karl Zine

“Saffron” beautifully narrates this exact idea. With intricate harmonies skating atop electronic arrangements, the glistening track bleeds with so much raw emotion. – Earmilk

“delivering euphoric bass lines against a feverish landscape of conflicting emotions” – Wonderland

“Karl Zine, diving head-first into this thought experiment has yielded “Greenscreen”, a song that is both musically compelling and lyrically thought provoking – Beats Per Minute

“one of the most impressive examples of modern electronic pop 2020 has to offer” – The Most Radicalist

“with layers of R&B and jazz influenced musicality occupying the soundscape of what is ostensibly a wide-ranging and hard to pinpoint piece of pop exploration” – Clout 

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