Starling releases ‘The Soul’ EP

Pink. Melodic. Motivator. Beauty. Soul. Umbrellas. Satin. Dancing. Infinite. Finite too. Creamy. Vibrant. Promise. Etc. Feel. Spin. Real. Win. Bound. Tossed. Found. Lost. Fragile. Unbreakable. Music. Poetry. Clouds. Love. Did I say soul? …and for good measure, once more, Pink
Also, a sister to two others and three brothers, fiercely allergic to mint and from London.

Starling follows-up the release of her new single ‘Profiteroles’ with ‘The Soul’ EP out June 22nd. Featuring two brand new, glorious pop tracks ‘All The Way’ and ‘Pink Wallpaper’, the release marks the return of Starling after almost a year’s hiatus.

Speaking about the EP Starling explains,”‘The Soul’ marks the truth exploding out of me – power, fragility, change – I’m growing up and I’m braver than before. I’m not bound by my fear or my broken heart so much. I would almost say it’s sugary which is saying something as my previous two EP’s have been dark as. I’ve evolved and so has the story, the sound.”

Going further to talk about the three tracks on the EP she says…

“‘All The Way’ is about the fear I had around singing and why I only started singing four years ago. I was too nervous I never thought I could do it and this song tells the story and shows the freedom we can feel if we can only let our bravery lead us to the treasure. That’s the gift of fear I know now it’s a signpost, it’s not all bad, if I’m scared to do something there’s probably gold in it, so I just take the sign, breathe deep and do it. This is like this for me with my voice, finally I can stand on stage and show myself.”

“‘Pink Wallpaper’ is probably my closest version to date, of a love song, my heart is still not entirely open but it’s healthier; here I’m saying I know we’re up and down and I know I can be insecure but my love is real and I’ll be your loyal queen if you let me.”

“‘Profiteroles’ is a gift to my sister to tell her that something good can come of something bad. We can all get through anything, if we have each other. This was our journey and this little ditty shows the silver lining of breaking free from our history.”

Produced by Henry Binns (Zero 7) ‘Profiteroles’ is a dynamic pop song, much like Starling not conforming to the usual structure one might expect. The video for ‘Profiteroles’ was directed and produced by Luke Courtenay Smith and Tim Hyland from LNT Productions. “The video vision was about dance and art and Englishness. We filmed in this old wonky high street to symbolise the journey from restriction to freedom and dance is an extension of that, as is the open beach.” – Starling. Watch it here –

‘The Soul EP’ is the follow up to 2016’s ‘The Heart EP’ and more recently 2017’s ‘The Body EP’ which picked up support from; Radio 1 Clara Amfo / Misterjam / Annie Mac / Huw Stevens), 6 Music: (Mary-Anne Hobbs, Tom Robinson, Steve Lamacq), XFM: (Jo Good, Maz Tappuni, John Kennedy), Amazing Radio: (Playlist + ROTW) and BBC Radio 2: (Dermot O’Leary) as well as numerous online tastemakers including The Line of Best Fit, Wonderland Magazine, The 405, CLASH, 1883 Magazine, Record of the Day to name a few.

In the words of Wonderland Magazine, Starling is “The pop princess who DGAF.”

Starling will headline The Waiting Room in London on September 26th

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