Petrie evoke the glitz ‘n’ glamour of pretending you’re okay in ‘Too Damn Busy’

London’s Petrie are back with another soft-serve scoop of their alternative pop plethora with ‘Too Damn Busy’.

Speaking of the new track, George and Laurie share:

“After weeks of crying to Chet Baker’s recording of “I Get Along Without You Very Well”, we felt it was only appropriate to update the gentle ballad of white lies and reimagine it as a chaotic and delusional torch song for two thousand and nineteen. We took our barely-bottled emotions, plus a few rock ‘n’ roll cries for help, and painted them with neurotic synth chords and sobbing guitar solos. We hoped that – when twinned with our heart-wrenching lyricism – we might evoke the spinning lights of the city, endless/sad/soft new faces, and the glitz ‘n’ glamour of pretending you’re okay.”

Filmed and edited by Laurie, the tele-text style video captures the hours of procrastination and half-hearted distraction one seeks while pining over an unattainable love.

Back in August 2018, Petrie released their Self Destruct EP, which included sun soaked banger ‘June’ featuring the glorious vocals of JESS and praised by the likes of PopDust, Pop Matters, Complex, Born Music, Digital High, Neon and many more from the online music community and beyond.
Following their sold out show at The Waiting Room in September, Petrie will be playing The Moth Club, London on February 19th 2019.

“Energetic, playful and infectious from start to finish.” – Complex

“100% pop, with a blend of new school RnB and vintage soul sounds soaked in a modern gloss, telling tales that you would equate to the London lovable rogues who broke your heart when you were sixteen.” – Born Music Online

“London duo Petrie swims in broad strokes in delicately-crafted pools of electronica, adorning chewing bubblegum that stabs before imploding onto itself. Even the trippy drops carry such a swagger that’s truly staggering. By the time the grittier production falls away, leaving a stunning falsetto to flitter and flutter in the sunlight, you’re so immersed and hooked for life.” – PopDust

“It’s a sun-drenched celebration of carefree summertime shenanigans.” – Pop Matters

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