Just in time for the upcoming festival season Fil Bo Riva releases the third single off his upcoming debut album. In ‘Time Is Your Gun’, the Berlin-based, Roman-born musician is releasing a powerful and dynamic indie tune, which uses addictive, dreamy guitar hooks as well as raw and diverse vocals, while building the energy level of the song with each part.

“Time Is Your Gun is a song that somehow became a bridge between the EP and the upcoming debut album. I wrote the lyrics sometime after the EP was recorded and those lyrics felt like the last lines I had to write about the person most of the EP songs were written for. During the same time, I just had met Felix and one day we found ourselves jamming in the rehearsal room… somehow after a few hours we had this song done without knowing we were writing one. I don’t wanna sound too romantic, but I remember that the first chords we ever played were these ones. The words kept developing around the music and soon after we started playing the song live. Until today, we usually open our concerts with this track – the energy we get from it is unique.”

As opposed to the EP, where Fil Bo Riva actually recorded finished songs, on the album he allows all the experiences and influences to be dragged right off stage to the studio to be further moulded and nurtured with the band and producer.

Metaphorically speaking, Fil Bo Riva says that:

“If the EP was a photograph of an idea, what we are trying to create with the album is an actual movie. I’m not trying to sound romantic but it’s like accumulating different pictures and feelings… and we all worship the album format, that’s why we want to take the time to shape it, properly.“

With this third release up his sleeve the artist proves the anticipation to his album to be correct. The album is in its finishing touches and the artist will be presenting further music before the release of his debut record.

Following the keenly convincing first proof-of-life ‘Head Sonata (Love Control)’, as well as the dedicatedly and passionately flirting ‘Blindmaker’, “Time Is Your Gun” is a song that brings back some of the raw and folky quality that we first heard on Fil’s debut EP, while adding a new quality and diversity in his vocal performance and leaves the listener behind anxiously awaiting the album.

Born and raised in Rome, Fil decamped to Dublin for his school years and later relocated to Berlin in 2012. His first EP, If You’re Right, It’s Alright, was released in 2016. He has since made a name for himself all over Europe by touring in support of Matt Corby, Aurora, Milky Chance and AnnenMayKantereit, among others. 2017 saw two sold-out tours with his own band, as well as numerous national and international festival shows. In the light of early successes, guitarist Felix A. Remm was soon added to the mix. On stage the initial solo project had matured into a solid live duo, and with the addition of two more members the project tours as the current fourpiece line-up. In between concerts, festivals and impressions made, Fil Bo Riva was constantly drawn back to Berlin to continue work on his debut with producer Robert Stephenson.

It was a time of kaleidoscopic experiences and differing priorities: life in the fast lane on the one hand, being on tour with all its impressions, new cities, faces and peers, giving autographs for the first time and the realization that there are hundreds of fans chanting along to your songs. On the other hand, there is the total isolation from the world. In the seclusion of the studio, absolutely focused on the process of the album. Digging deep within himself, and truly forgetting everything around him, being alone with nothing but his music. Nothing else matters. An intense and plentiful process which the artist takes great pleasure in, and which finally let’s these songs evolve into their final state step by step.

As of now Fil Bo Riva is back on tour playing several shows and festivals across Europe:

FIL BO RIVA – Summer Shows 2018

29.06. – Fusion Festival, Lärz – DE
03.07. – Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin – DE *Support: Rikas (Sold Out)
04.07. – Zeche Carl, Essen – DE *Support: Adna
05.07. – Muikzentrum, Hannover – DE *Support: Adna
06.07. – Feel Festival, Bergheider See – DE
07.07. – Open Air Wettingen, Wettingen – CH
08.07. – Tanta Robba Festival, Cremona – IT
10.07. – Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux – CH
11.07. – Ancona, Spilla Festival – IT
13.07. – Covo Club, Bologna – IT
14.07. – Musilac Festival, Air Le Bans, FR
26.07. – Jena, Kassablanca – DE *Support: Las Mierdas
28.07. – Juicy Beats, Dortmund, DE
03.08. – Szene Open Air, Lustenau – AT
18.08. – Dockville, Hamburg – DE
25.08. – Singoldsand Festival, Schwabmünchen – DE
30.08. – Jval Festival, Geneve – CH
02.09. – Golden Leaves Festival, Darmstadt – DE
08.09. – Lollapalooza Festival, Berlin – DE
28.09. – Photokina Festival, Cologne – DE
03.10. – Hoxton Square Bar, London – UK
04.10. – Cinetol, Amsterdam – NL
05.10. – Backstage, Paris – FR
13.10. – Nürnberg Pop, Nürnberg – DE

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