Elias Boussnina releases ‘Bring The Pain’ feat. UnoTheActivist

Via Universal Denmark, Elias Boussnina shares ‘Bring The Pain’ featuring UnoTheActivist, the forth track, taken from Elias debut EP ‘Shameboy’, set for release in February 2019.

Elias drops a brooding soulful vocal over dramatic electro-synth beats, the result is an irresistible brand of RnB that draws us in from the offset. Lyrically ‘Bring The Pain’ continues to focus on the destructive impact of infatuation and addiction, two reoccurring themes that are present throughout the EP. ‘Bring The Pain’ was produced by Louis Winding (Nelly, Brandy, Outlandish), as well as written and co-produced by Elias himself.

Speaking about the track Elias said “Bring The Pain is about feeling unable to keep yourself away from something you clearly know isn’t good for you, you keep returning to it because it feels great in the moment, but you know deep-down that it will all come crashing down in the end.”

It’s a sound hard not to love, pitch perfect heartfelt vocals underpinned by a rhythmical soundscape of rolling percussion and pounding synth beats. The final verse features acclaimed Atlanta-based rapper Uno The Activist, who, on hearing ‘Bring The Pain’ being presented to Republic Records in New York was hooked “He liked the track so much, we decided he had to jump on it for the last verse” said Elias.

Of Danish-Tunisian descent, Elias speaks English, Danish, Arab and French. He grew up listening to hip-hop and American soul and first found success in 2015 under the moniker of Rap artist Yung Coke. When that project came to its natural conclusion, Elias began writing more R&B infused tracks and transforming his sound and identity into the expertly crafted art you hear today. Elias’ first three singles, “5:30″,”Lost Ones” and “Candy” were released to critical acclaim in Denmark, and the artist is now poised to reach an international audience in 2019.

Elias Boussnina releases his debut EP ‘Shameboy’ on February 15th 2019 via Universal Music Denmark.

Praise for Elias Boussnina

“Latest single ‘Candy’ pulses with euphoric energy and everyday poetic tales of being young, insecure and in love.” – Colors Session

Now Elias Boussnina has stepped out of Yung Coke’s shadow and has jumped out as a promising r’n’b rising star – in his own name – Soundvenue

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