Charlene Soraia releases new single ‘Temptation’

Soft-strummed guitar opens South London singer/songwriter Charlene Soraia’s latest single ‘Temptation,’ another poignant track taken from her forthcoming album ‘Where’s My Tribe’.

The impassioned yet sombre song was written about the resistance and confusion of unrequited attraction. The resistance of ‘Temptation’ meets realisation in another album single ‘Now You Are With Her.’ “I see them as two sides of the same coin,” Charlene says of the songs.  “‘Temptation’ being the build-up of tension for this never-to-be relationship and ‘Now You are With Her’ as a forlorn reverie as two people return to the lives they drifted from.”

Soraia’s agile and richly melodic vocals over feverish guitar recall Laura Marling’s early records, while her timbre channels glimpses of Fiona Apple. Gliding across octaves, Soraia conveys relentless realism and lyrical brutality about a love unreciprocated.

“This song, and most of the album, feels like it comes from this bittersweet knife-edge and I dedicate ‘Temptation’ to anyone who has mistaken someone’s general demeanour and acts of kindness.” – Charlene Soraia

‘Temptation’ comes from Soraia’s 10-track Where’s My Tribe album due January 25th on Peacefrog (José González, Little Dragon). All songs were recorded by Soraia in her flat with no edits, no autotune, and in one take, revealing the raw, pure beauty of the music.

Love for Charlene:

“An incredible guitarist, her innate ability transcends jazz, classical, or even prog to become something entirely her own.” – Clash

“Ghostly, feather-light vocals and delicate, intricate musicianship.” – Complex

“Impressive components here line up to form something rather heartrending and emotionally striking”– The 405

“An elegiac folk song with a haunting single guitar that echoes and ripples.” – PopMatters

Charlene Soraia – Where’s My Tribe Tracklist:

  1. Where’s My Tribe
  2. Tragic Youth
  3. Temptation
  4. Beautiful People
  5. Now You Are With Her
  6. The Journey
  7. Likely To Kill
  8. Far Beyond The High Street
  9. Harms
  10. Saboteur Tiger

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