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On October 27th, 2021, the Latin American psychedelic pop duo GRLS, release their new single ‘Dystopia’ on Mexico City based label, MOVIDA MÚSICA. ‘Dystopia’ follows ‘Lynch’ released in 2020 via Kitsuné Musique and arrives with the announcement of their  debut album being set for release in 2022.

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‘Dystopia’ opens with unsettling dystopic soundscapes and evolves with beautifully alluring sonic interludes. The cinematic atmosphere intensifies through a heady mix of hard aggressive bass, intricate layers of woozy electronics and melancholic guitar to represent deeply contrasting emotions. 

GRLS said about the single “Dystopia was conceived      one night after a bad acid trip      where       the lyrics to the original song mutated to have a deeper meaning. The song became centred around PTSD, and the effects that war has on the brain. The accompanying music video was shot in Mexico City and focuses on a girl’s emotional state as she struggles to process the negative emotions associated with      a past relationship; her     er feelings are aligned to the PTSD we experienced on our bad trip.

GRLS are Mexican multi-instrumentalists and producers Lucca Necoechea and Diego Andlovin who formed in 2018 during their brief time at the Berklee College of Music, Boston. The pair left school after their first      to focus full time on their debut album. They enlisted the help of some of the songwriting and vocalist talent that they met whilst studying. The album project has since progressed into a unique multimedia experience. All music and visuals where written, produced, mixed,      mastered, directed, photographed, and edited by GRLS.

GRLS are set to release their cinematic debut album in 2022 on Mexico City based label, MOVIDA MÚSICA.

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