On July 07, the London based alt-pop artist Bonze will share his atmospheric new single ‘A Place (Inside My Head)’ via Bad Apple Management. ‘A Place (Inside My Head)’ was co-produced by Brookfield (Anne Marie & Charlie XCX) and is the third single taken from Bonze’s debut album set for release at the end of 2023. 

Listen to ‘A Place (Inside My Head): HERE

‘A Place (Inside My Head) unfolds as a cinematic experience that ripples with dreamy electronic atmospheres. A storm of noise and chillingly sinister soundscapes cut in to disturb the equilibrium representing a level of inner turmoil.

Bonze said about ‘Self’ “A Place (Inside My Head) is essentially a song about mental health and acceptance. In a world that can be so focused on psychological positivity (at times; toxically) and pretending like we’re all making progress; my third Single of the year is about that place inside my head where it feels like no matter how much progress I seem to make on the surface, there is always a part of me that feels that things could be improved or that they just can’t or won’t get better. 

I feel that others could connect with this, as we all have an inner critic and sad parts of ourselves to some extent. “It always was and always will be”, a place feels like one is going in circles and things are not getting better and how it is okay to feel and accept that, despite the world professing that mental positivity is the only answer. 

‘A Place (Inside My Head)’ is about how we can get out of denial by embracing this place in our head that says“nothing’s getting better”, only then can we look at what actually could be better and feel fully integrated as people instead of avoiding this inner, seemingly negative, place. “

Bonze, real name Jack Reardon, spends his days working as a trained psychotherapist, and these themes intrude on his music. Driven by internal passions, Bonze is pushing himself towards excellence utilising combined music experiences that span back more than a decade. A full album is incoming, while a London concert date in March 2022 introduced his ambitious plans for an immersive live experience. He’s an artist with incredibly deep roots in music, previously working as an A&R, a guest songwriter, and a top-line artist. Bonzes singles to date have been featured on the catwalk of London Fashion Week, enjoyed airplay on BBC Introducing London and featured online by the likes of Clash, Wonderland, CLOUT and Rolling Stone (India). His 2020 release ‘Heroin(e)’ was remixed by dance royalty Draper and has reached over one-hundred-thousand plays on SoundCloud and counting.

Bonze creates a mesmerising musical landscape that pivots between underground dance and revelatory songwriting that recalls everyone from Jai Paul and Metronomy through to The 1975’s. Bonze continues to rise from the shadows with his own unique brand of mind blowing exploratory pop.

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Praise for Bonze 

‘Self’ is a neat piece of clipped, downbeat electronic pop, reminiscent of New Order in places, while also recalling Metronomy’s artful side. – Clash 

“Bonze is a perfect example of someone doing things differently. I’m excited for the upcoming album”- BBC Introducing (London)

The track picks up with funky guitar licks and pulsing synths while punchy drum machine beats underline Bonze’s falsetto vocals, creating a highly danceable yet emotional soundscape – Rolling Stone (India)

Unforgettably original, Bonze deserves worldwide success – CLOUT

It’s an infectious yet laid back alternative pop song with soothing vocals and a simple soundscape – Music For The misfits 

The hook for the song will be stuck in my head for days to come – Rock The pigeon

‘Don’t Wanna Go Back’ draws upon laidback instrumentals and soft vocals, finessed with slick production and danceable choruses – Little Dose of indie 


Bonze Releases A Place ‘(Inside My Head)’ – 29.07.22

Bonze Releases A Place ‘(Inside My Head)’ – 29.07.22