Twist Helix defend Newcastle’s industrial heritage with “Ouseburn” 9.2.18

Born out of the hip bars and rundown rehearsal rooms of Newcastle’s Ouseburn Valley, synth-pop band Twist Helix are fascinated with the exploration of place and its relation to creativity and identity.

Drawing influence from their immediate surroundings the band have worked hard to create an effervescent and joyous sound, evocative of the diverse energy and character of their home with their new single “Ouseburn”, a sparkling work of indie-electronica reminiscent of groups like MGMT and M83.

Speaking about the track, singer Bea Garcia explains that “it’s highly allusive, referencing everything from local bands to graffiti tags… even the natural musicality of the Geordie dialect is worked in, with strong stressed vowels ebbing like the waters of the Tyne… even the natural musicality of the Geordie dialect is worked in, with strong stressed vowels ebbing like the waters of the Tyne…” but don’t be fooled by this folksy self awareness, this is party music and this is the Newcastle of 2018 brought to life in all its richness and colour”

Washed ashore as a result of Spain’s economic crisis, Bea is in fact an adopted Geordie, now fiercely proud of her new home. Having met James Walker (drums) shortly after moving to the city the pair adopted the name Twist Helix and began moving from gig to gig in Newcastle’s underground scene until they found bassist Michael Humble who joined completing the line-up.

Since then the groups intelligent, narrative driven synth-pop and relentless DIY work ethic has seen the band attract media attention around the world, being covered everywhere from Houston, Texas to Helsinki, Finland. As well as, somehow working their way onto TV in the Ukraine and being named favourites of Playstation Spain. In 2017, they embarked on tours of the UK and Spain and have appeared as local support to established stars of alternative electronica such as Avec Sans, Samaris, Soccer96 and Kate Jackson & the Wrong Moves.

At the close of 2017 the group signed for the Madrid based record label Paul Back Music and announced in January 2018 they would start their new year with a full UK tour to promote their sparkling, alternative, dance-floor anthem “Ouseburn”.

Below Byker Tour 2018

27/01/18 – Secret Show (Durham)
09/02/18 – Ouseburn Single Launch (Cumberland Arms, Newcastle)
10/02/18 – 13th Note (Glasgow)
20/02/18 – The Dublin Castle (London)
21/02/18 – The Washington (Sheffield)
22/02/18 – The Olde England (Bristol)
23/02/18 – Mars Bar (Worcester)
24/02/18 – The Castle Hotel (Manchester)
28/02/18 – One over the Eight (Barnsley)
03/03/18 – Noisy Daughters Event (Darlington)

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