Tender songwriter Jolé shares scenic video for ‘Seldom Seen’

Awaken the new year with the tranquil sounds of ‘Seldom Seen’ from the London-based singer-songwriter Jolé. With the gentle strumming of his guitar, blended with delicate piano elements and floating vocal harmonies ‘Seldom Seen’ is crafted with technical precision and delicate feeling.

Speaking about the new single, Jolé shares that:

“Seldom Seen is written about getting lost in thought, daydreaming to get away from the busyness of everyday life. It’s about taking yourself away to a moment of serenity where you can be quiet for a while and to wonder whether it’s possible to always be in this state of mind.”

The video’s director, Greg Ewart shares his vision:

“I love the way Jolé captures atmosphere in his music. In this tune in particular, the themes of feeling alone in the world and wanting to get away from everything, along with the stunning melodies gave me a clear vision of the kind of atmosphere that was needed for a video. Which is what brought me to put forward this idea after the first time I heard him play it live. The New Forest seemed a clear choice for location early on with all the wide open spaces and stunning scenery – you do almost feel like you’re in your own world down there. The use of shooting with a drone helped convey that feeling as well, being able to get shots of Jolé centred in that vast scenery from so high up. The song itself feels like a journey, so with the vision of how it was going to look in mind, it felt fitting to turn the video into a journey itself with the music telling the story.”

Jolé is the moniker for songwriter Josh Oliver, who after spending five years in Brighton playing in various touring bands, now resides permanently in London. Through this solo project, Josh taps into the music he grew up with – a mixture of Van Morrison, The Beach Boys and Coldplay, resulting in his heartfelt, soothing and joyful sound.
Previously lauded by the likes of Wonderland for his “masterful skills in crafting gorgeous acoustic songs”, Where The Music Meets for his music’s “echoes calm and security” and Aupium for who sum up Jolé’s sound as “soft, dream pop that has been trimmed with gleaming guitar strings, that yield a buoyant sunset-like euphoria.”

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