Swedish alt-pop powerhouse NONONO release video for new single ‘Lost Song’

Having recently released their stunning and emotive new single ‘Lost Song’, Swedish alt-pop powerhouse NONONO today release the video to accompany the track.

Speaking about the track singer Stina Wäppling explains, “Tobias played the track to Lost Song for me in the car when I had just returned from India and I felt it sounded like India and it made me feel the many emotions I had gone through in that country far from home. Lost Song is about losing confidence in life, and regaining it. It’s about fear and feeling unidentified, but also about regaining a basic belief in just being. You do not need to justify or excuse your existence. For me, that feeling is important not to forget and it has given me a lot of strength so I hope to convey and share that feeling!”

The Stockholm trio, comprised of Tobias Jimson (Astma), Michel Flygare (Rocwell) and Stina Wäppling made a very welcome return with their single ‘Masterpiece’ in September 2017. This was the first release since their breakthrough 2014 LP, ‘We Are Only What We Feel’, which featured earworm and global smash single ‘Pumpin Blood’. ‘Masterpiece’ marked the reformation of one of Sweden’s biggest pop prospects. They followed this up with the release of ‘Lost Song’ described as “ludicrously catchy” by The Line of Best Fit.

After the release of ‘Pumpin Blood’, NONONO fast became one of the fastest rising forces in Swedish pop music. With more than 2.000.000 singles sold, a performance at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel, US tours alongside Twenty One Pilots and Foster the People as well as appearances at Lollapalooza Festival, the trios plethora of international gold records (including the USA) and multi-platinum sales in Scandinavia speak for the intense international hold NONONO has commanded with their sparing yet impactful careers to date.

After the success of their debut record the trio took 18 months out to do their own thing. Tobias and Michel soon got back together in the studio and picked up their producing careers, working with artists like Madonna, Maroon 5, Tove Lo and Zara Larsson. Feeling the need to do the opposite to the previous two years Stina went to India, a place she calls her second home. Here she lived in the hippie community Auroville, meditating, breathing, listening to and gathering new sounds. The travels in Asia went on for half a year and included surfing the coasts of Sri Lanka and Bali, always with the guitar as hand luggage. Feeling as free as one can be she was happy to realise that the thing she would always do and come back to was music. Back with the boys in Stockholm she was excited to bring all the new experiences and feelings into the music making process. Alongside making music she also began finishing her master in psychology as well as having patients of her own, a parallel activity that also has influenced and sneaked its way into the songwriting process.

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