Sweden’s Molly Hammar release ‘No Place Like Me’ featuring Big Narstie

Molly Hammar, the Swedish RnB sensation hailing from Stockholm, releases ‘No Place Like Me’, featuring Big Narstie (rel 22.03.19), the lead single from her next EP which is due for release Autumn 2019.Listen to the track ‘No Place Like Me’.

Hypnotic lead single ‘No Place Like Me’ pairs Molly’s sensual vocal with percussive beats, features a rap from celebrated London MC and TV personality Big Narstie and reflects Molly’s current, carefree existence.

Speaking about the track Molly said “’No Place Like Me’ marks the place I’m at in my life right now, being able to truly be free and focus on what makes me feel good. I’m 23, single and loving life. Having Big Narstie join me on this single is a dream come true, I was so happy when he agreed to guest, it couldn’t be a better fit.”

RTS award winner Big Narstie, added “When I first heard Molly I thought ‘rah, this is sick!’ She’s got a wicked voice, and No Place Like Me is a banger so it was a no brainer to jump on board.  Big up Cosmos and the Swedish BDL family. We’re gonna ride this wave from the UK to Scandinavia and across the world

‘No Place Like Me’ was recorded in Stockholm with Lucas Nord and Melo Tull, the production duo who helmed Molly Hammar’s acclaimed ‘SEX’ EP.

The collection of six sensual, soulful R&B songs released in 2018 marked a new musical direction for Molly a gold-selling artist, who initially found fame in the pop world in 2011, aged just 15.

A spirit of adventure, independence and self-discovery shines through Molly’s new music, the pared-back production, leaves her captivating vocals utterly exposed to lyrics that directly express her opinions and emotions.

Since the release of ‘Sex’ last year, Molly has been back and forth between Stockholm, London and L.A., writing new songs both for herself and other artists. She co-wrote and guested on ‘Easy’ with the Dutch duo Sick Individuals and on the huge club hit ‘Holding On’ by Sondr. This year Molly was invited to perform at the Swedish Grammys after an Aretha Franklin tribute she recorded with two friends went viral.

The next few months will see the release of two further singles and a second EP that finds Molly baring her soul on the dynamic within relationships, her own identity and lost nights out in London.

‘No Place Like Me’ is released through Cosmos Music on March 22nd and the full EP will follow in the autumn.

Love for Molly Hammar

“Hammar’s voice is as smooth as silk as she sings about relatable themes of independence and that empowerment”- Colors

“Seamlessly merging contemporary pop with an undercurrent of R&B” – Born Music

“Blossom” is a beautiful single that finds Molly delivering masterful vocals as she describes a smooth love affair.” – The Fresh Committee

Love for Big Narstie

Royal Television Society Entertainment Performance WINNER – Big Narstie and Mo Gilligan, The Big Narstie Show (Expectation / Dice Productions for Channel 4)

“A complete breath of fresh air, refreshingly raw, authentic and VERY entertaining.”

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