‘Cherokee’ is the haunting new single from Bristol-based musician Sean Christopher, available April 5th on Dumont Dumont (Ry X, Charlie Cunningham, Josin). The track is taken from Sean’s debut album ‘Yonder’, which will be released on May 11th and includes the acclaimed singles ‘A Thousand Hues’, ‘Carry On’ and ‘Paper Plane Pilot’, which was chosen by Lauren Laverne for BBC 6Music Recommends. Entirely written and recorded by Sean, ‘Yonder’ is a stunningly beautiful debut, with each track linked by his use of flamenco guitar.

Says Sean of ‘Cherokee’: “I saw a great movie a few years ago called ‘Embrace of the Serpent’ about an intriguing collaboration between western scientists and a Native American shaman in search of a medicine. It inspired me to look into the history of the indigenous people of America and I found out about the ‘Trail of Tears’, the forced relocation of the Cherokee tribe from the Southeastern United States to the western areas, in which many suffered and died. This song is about that, from a Cherokee perspective”

An alumni of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and Codarts in Rotterdam, where he studied music production, Sean began creating music for films and commercials immediately after graduating. His song ‘Everything’ (2014), composed and produced for an international car commercial, reached over a million streams on Spotify.

Despite this early success, rather than continue composing music for others, Sean wanted to write songs for himself. He built himself a basement studio and began to experiment with instruments and production.

“I tried all sorts of different instruments, played with FX, and I heavily produced most of my demo tracks,” says Sean. “Although they were nicely produced demos, I wanted the songs to have a stronger coherence between them. One day I was at my dad’s place, playing one of his flamenco guitars, when suddenly the feeling struck me – this instrument was just right for what I wanted. So I decided to limit myself just to this particular guitar. Finally I was writing songs as a musician again, not behind a machine, and it really felt liberating.

I considered using a band but in the end I recorded all of the songs on my own. Guitar first, then drums, then the bass and other instruments, finishing the song with vocals. Not every song is autobiographical, but they all relate to who I am, and it’s very much about how I perceive the world today. Love, loss, fear, youth, anger, you can find it all on the record … somewhere.”

Relocating from The Hague to Bristol last year, Sean signed a record deal with Swedish label Dumont Dumont, home to artists including RY X, Charlie Cunningham and Josin. Catch Sean live in May at Liverpool Sound City festival and at Blacks Club in London:

Sean Christopher live:
May 5 Liverpool Sound City (UK)
May 14 Blacks Club, London

‘Yonder’ track list:
1. A Thousand Hues
2. Carry On
3. Cherokee
4. Don’t Panik
5. Paper Plane Pilot
6. Yonder
7. Tomorrow Never Ends
8. Lazarus
9. Everything
10. Zanzibar
11. Asphalt
12. The End Of My Odyssey

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