Nia Wyn releases ‘Do You Love Enough’

Nia Wyn returns with a compelling new single ‘Do You Love Enough’, taken from her debut EP of the same name, penned for release later this year

Stream “Do You Love Enough’’

Nia Wyn is back with a second single, stronger, defiant and uncompromising, but there is still an edge of venerability to her raw and powerful storytelling, which enables a depth of warmth, to break through a protective and guarded exterior.

Speaking on the Song Wyn quotes: “The song is about shame; how it creates shackles and crosses to bear for both people involved in different ways, and having to live double lives to avoid this. But most of the time it gets to that point where you have to ask them, do you love enough to let this go and accept who I am and what I am about?”

Hailing originally from a small town in North Wales, Nia Wyn was inspired by old blues and soul records she found in junk shops. These records, along with a flair for playing the classic blues resonator guitar, became the motivation to craft similar songs of personal experience.

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