Mined releases new single ‘Mistakes’ on February 3rd through Peacefrog Records

Mined releases new single ‘Mistakes’ on February 3rd through Peacefrog Records

Mined releases his new single ‘Mistakes’ on February 3rd through Peacefrog Records. Taken from forthcoming EP ‘Loves Low’s’ which will be released in Spring 2017.

‘Mistakes’ is a rich, electronic track; equal parts mournful and soothing. The follow up to debut single ‘Pangs’ that saw praise from the likes of Dazed, i-D, Wonderland, The 405 and more. Speaking about the song, Mined explains ‘”Mistakes was written as an apology. The whole EP is about a relationship that has since broke down. It’s the first song I wrote on the EP. I had the lyrics done in about 5 minutes, it’s about selfishly doing/saying things in the heat of the moment and describes a genuine series of events that I think a lot of people will be able to empathise with.”

Kofi Holmes Attivor aka Mined is – quite literally – a man of many names. Born to a Ghanaian family in Tooting in London, this electronica newcomer, philomath and a Molecular biologist was given eight names at birth. Raised on the RnB and soul from his parents’ record collection, he was granted his wish to get his first “sleek, silver Casio”. Putting his musical experiments on hold, Kevin pursued his other passion of science at University of York and a Molecular Cell biology degree. While investigating the sonic landscapes of Brian Eno’s “Music for Airports” and the work by artists like Spooky Black, Majical Cloudz and Foals, he started developing his own sound that embodied his philomath pursuits.

Mined deals with his emotions with brutal sincerity while placing these lyrics in a sanctuary-like, pastoral sonic sphere, gravitating towards the tranquility of James Blake, Caribou and Boards of Canada. “I’ve always been more drawn to poignant honest music that evokes a sense of melancholy, or sadness or nostalgia”, he explains. Written in his room in London, his latest tracks were created as a form of escapism.

As they caught the eye of Peacefrog Records shortly after, he soon partnered up with the filmmaking duo The Rest (Jungle, Little Simz) and the illustrator and Stormzy collaborator Sam Adefe to visualise the crisp richness of Mined’s quintessential British electronica. The intricacy of his sound and the candid attitude towards songwriting makes him a compelling new name in the British electronic music scene.


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