Jarod Lawley shares ‘Everything That I Need You To Be’

 ‘Everything That I Need You To Be’ is the third single (rel 22.10.19) from the London-based singer-songwriter. The single follows previous releases ‘Tonight’ and ‘Gordon’s Gin’.

‘Everything That I Need You To Be’ is a moody, introspective and vigorous song brought to life by Jarod’s rich baritone voice; with key influences including Arctic Monkeys, Lana Del Rey and Lou Reed.

On the track Jarod quotes: ‘Everything That I Need You To Be’ represents my longing and nostalgia for a time that I didn’t even live through. It’s a brooding anthem for people who feel they have old souls and wish things could be how they used to be. I combined a surf-rock riff with dark synthesisers and trap-inspired drums to create a modern noir song that pays homage to the dark side of the vintage era’.

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