HUMAN release new single ‘Tracksuit Boy’ via Universal Music Sweden

The Swedish altpop-collective, known as HUMAN, release TRACKSUIT BOY via Universal Music Sweden. TRACKSUIT BOY is the focus single from debut album IRL, also released 16.11.18. TRACKSUIT BOY follows debut single “HIGHER” and follow-up tracks including “GHOST” which was written in collaboration with Avicii. 

Behind HUMAN stands Swedish Grammy award winning artist Daniel Adams-Ray, who has previously released several multi-platinum albums under his own name and is one of Sweden´s most celebrated live acts.

Speaking about the single Daniel said “As a teenager I was a part of Stockholm’s graffiti scene. Well part of might be an overstatement. I wanted to be like the writers I looked up to, wearing tracksuits and surfing trains, but I was too anxious about continually being caught by the police to actually be respected and recognized. I was what the graffiti world call a “Toy” (a wanabee). It was an important time during my teenage years as rootless immigrant from Kenya. And the tracksuit was an important symbol of who I wanted to be. It was, and in some unappropriated cases still is, a uniform for togetherness in alienation.


Musically the single is a combination of pop, trip-hop and cutting-edge soul. HUMAN matches the rhythmic awareness of an MC against some wonderful melodic inventiveness.

”We invent, dream and build. We fall, destroy and tear apart. These internal paradoxes bind together the equally contradictive HUMAN on the album IRL”.

According to Daniel himself, “’HUMAN is not a band, nor a mysterious collective. It’s an idea open for anyone.” 

HUMAN play their acclaimed live show in London on Monday December 3rd at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.

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