Eli Gosling shares debut EP ‘Blue Romance’

On September 11th Eli Gosling will release his debut EP ‘Blue Romance’ via Goldun Egg records. The 4 track EP features lead single ‘Feelings For You’ released the same day, along with previous releases ‘Angel’, ‘Criminal Love’ and ‘Drowning In Your Dreams’.

The unique collection of songs are connected with a strong back beat and bold eccentric melodies whilst including some unashamed pop influences. Eli’s hip-hop infused, laidback vocal cuts through over top as the artist struggles to makes sense of the highs and lows of fledgling relationships.

Eli said about ‘Blue Romance’ “This is a work of musical art close to my heart that tells a story from my perspective. Each Song describes how I felt living through different relationship experiences over the last couple of years. I kept a written journal alongside various sketches documenting the highs and lows and the songs are centred around that. I’ve loved every minute of the creative process and I just can’t wait for people to hear the EP in its entirety and see if they can relate to my story.

The result is an irresistible brand of R&B-pop that draws us in from the offset. Lead single ‘Feelings For You’ is sophisticated in its graceful piano lines, proud brass, and dreamy harmonies and provides a fitting conclusion to the artist’s story to date.

Eli Said about the lead single“This song kind of depicts of how you feel when you catch feelings for someone, it’s all encompassing, and you end up focusing every bit of your energy into that one person.  It’s gutting when it doesn’t work out how you’d planned, but there comes a point when you realise that there was no way of controlling the outcome, no matter how hard you tried.

A love of contemporary artists from Post Malone to Juice Wrld along with the 90’s hip hop scene continues to influence the artists creative vision. An expressive series of artworks have been designed and created by the artist to accompany each release.

Singles from the ‘Blue Romance’ EP ‘Drowning In You Dreams’ have been supported  by the likes of Neon Music, Alfitude, Indie London, Best In New Music and The Lowdown, as well as enjoyed spot plays on LA based radio, KCRW.

Track Listing:

  1. Angel
  2. Criminal Love
  3. Drowning in Your Dreams
  4. Feelings For You

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