Dusky Grey release video for debut single ‘Told Me’

Newly formed pop duo DUSKY GREY made a huge impact with their debut single ‘Told Me’ which they independently released late last year. ‘Told Me’ – a summery acoustic groove with an insistent rhythm and an intriguing narrative has clocked up just shy of 5 million streams at Spotify and garnered the support of Apple Music, BBC Introducing in Wales, London and Merseyside. DUSKY GREY have subsequently signed to East West / Warner Music Group. Today they release the video to accompany ‘Told Me’.

Based in North Wales, DUSKY GREY – Gethin Williams and Catrin Hopkins – wrote ‘Told Me’ during their third meeting together in September 2016. Catrin first got in touch with Gethin after chancing upon some of his music on Instagram and was suitably impressed to contact him via Facebook. It took another year before the duo decided to meet in person and then Dusky Grey was formed.

Despite the wait, their connection was immediate – not only on a personal level, but musically too. Gethin was struck by Catrin’s huge vocal range and her ability to sing in almost any style, and Catrin quickly discovered that Gethin possessed a seemingly endless supply of ideas. Their natural creative spark soon resulted in their first song ‘Told Me’.

“Catrin sings from the viewpoint of a girl who has been cheated on by a guy, and my lyrics are from the perspective of her friend, who is telling the guy that if you carry on like this you’re going to regret it,” explains Gethin. “If he moves onto other girls, repeating the same lies and promises, then even he finds a girl he likes, she’s not going to trust him because of the way he treated other people.”

“There are loads of songs about cheating, but they’re normally about the girl being really upset about it,” adds Catrin. “There aren’t many songs where someone’s been cheating on and they were like, do you know what? I’m fine. It turned out worse for the guy who cheated.”

Prior to working together, both Gethin and Catrin had pursued their own projects but the sudden success of ‘Told Me’ took them both by surprise. They’d expected perhaps a couple of thousand plays of the track, but it kept on growing – first locally, then wider through BBC Introducing, and then onto a bigger international audience.

They’ve enjoyed particular success at Spotify – #1 on the New Pop Revolution playlist, hitting the US Viral 50, and being added to The Pop List – and also were featured on Topsify’s Tomorrow’s Hit playlist.

As a result, the pair both put their university studies on hold to focus upon their music. DUSKY GREY are currently working on new material which promises to expand into new sounds beyond the style of their debut single. They’ve been collaborating with ‘Told Me’ producer Rich James Roberts as well as and James Earp (Bipolar Sunshine).



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