Dance Lessons release debut single SMABTO

SMABTO (rel 10.4.20) is the debut single from London-based Ann, Nat & Tom, aka Dance Lessons, a female-produced and fronted trio creating mercurial dance pop.

SMABTO is an enigmatic pop debut contoured by vivacious production, which leaves space for Ann’s addictive vocals and layered sax. Ann and Tom met back in 2018, when they got into a dance-off at a party. The winner is still hotly debated to this day. What wasn’t up for debate was Tom knowing he’d just found the missing piece to the new project he and his friend Nat had been planning. 

“Relationships are complicated and messy, but sometimes they’re just straight up mistakes. This isn’t a serious song about love, but more a lighthearted take on the people that come into our lives and turn out to be mistakes.”

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