Charlene Soraia releases ‘Tragic Youth’ via Peacefrog Records

Charlene Soraia shares ‘Tragic Youth’, the second single from her forthcoming ‘Where’s My Tribe album’, due for release January 2019.

‘Tragic Youth’ see’s ghosts of the past are exorcised and consigned to history – eased on their way by a voice that glides like quicksilver over an intricate tapestry of guitar rhythms.

Speaking about the track, Charlene said “Tragic Youth’ is about the involuntary process of laying one’s inalterable past to rest before they believe they are ready to do so. The abstraction and resistance to fight the urge to ‘bite the hand that feeds’ despite desperately seeking change, is also explored in this song. Wanting change yet resisting new experiences despite knowing that to create is to destroy and that rebirth only follows death.”

As demonstrated by her accidental worldwide hit ‘Wherever You Will Go’, Charlene Soraia is possessed of a voice that can melt hearts. ‘Tragic Youth’ serves as another powerful reminder that she is also a guitarist of virtuosic skill and songwriter of rare talent. Universal, yet intensely personal, these are songs of our time, that will resonate with the lonely soul inside us all.

In 2011 Charlene signed to UK indie label Peacefrog (José González, Little Dragon) and recorded ‘Moonchild’, a diverse collection of songs that revealed an idiosyncratic songwriting and performing talent. Her cover of The Calling’s ‘Wherever You Will Go’ for a TV advert, shot to No.3 in the charts and – with over 60 million Spotify hits and counting, the track continues to capture hearts around the world. ‘Tragic Youth’ sees Charlene continue to play guitar and sing self penned songs. Unadorned, unmediated, alone. Straight from the heart.

Where’s My Tribe is due January 25th 2019 on Peacefrog Records. All songs were recorded by Charlene in her flat with no edits, no autotune, and in one take, revealing the raw, pure beauty of the music.

Love for Charlene:

“Ghostly, feather-light vocals and delicate, intricate musicianship.”– Complex

“An elegiac folk song with a haunting single guitar that echoes and ripples.” – PopMatters

“An incredible guitarist, her innate ability transcends jazz, classical, or even prog to become something entirely her own.”- Clash

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