Charlene Soraia releases music video for ‘Tragic Youth’ through Peacefrog Records

Charlene Soraia shares the music video for “Tragic Youth.” Directed by The Rest (slowthai, Kojey Radical, AZEKEL), the clip is part of a longer reel that explores the lives of a several South London teenagers on their journey to find their “tribe” and sense of belonging. This clip narrows in on the characters exploring their own physicality, from subtle compulsions to erupting releases of adrenaline. 

“When I heard the music, it reminded me of the beauty and melancholy of growing up and becoming an adult. There is a lot bubbling up under the surface for these characters but they rarely open to each other even though they get together. It’s this thing we do up and down the country where nobody really addresses their issues but instead bee-lines for the weekend every week to get drunk and high to escape. There’s numbness going on. We’re more ready to be vulnerable on Twitter & Instagram than with each other sometimes.”


“Tragic Youth” is taken from Soraia’s forthcoming ‘Where’s My Tribe’ album, she sings of feeling torn between the past and future. Ghosts of the past are exorcised and consigned to history – eased on their way by a voice that glides like quicksilver over an intricate tapestry of guitar rhythms.


‘Where’s My Tribe’ album is due January 25th on Peacefrog (José González, Little Dragon). All songs were recorded by Soraia in her flat with no edits, no autotune, and in one take, revealing the raw, pure beauty of the music

Love for Charlene:

“Ghostly, feather-light vocals and delicate, intricate musicianship.” – Complex

“An elegiac folk song with a haunting single guitar that echoes and ripples.” – PopMatters

“An incredible guitarist, her innate ability transcends jazz, classical, or even prog to become something entirely her own.​​​​​​​” – Clash

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