Berlin based Trio VARLEY Release ‘Phantom Studies’ via Seahorse Music

Berlin-based trio VARLEY return with their mesmerising atmospheric new single ‘Phantom Studies’, (rel 22/3/19) released today via Seahorse Music.

‘Phantom Studies’ is a captivating slice of dreamy alt-pop delivered through a twinkling soundscape of shimmering electronics, percussive beats and the ethereal sound of a pedal steel guitar. Honest, reflective lyrics grapple with the varying perceptions of reality, though the hypnotic pitch perfect vocal of Irish front-woman Claire-Ann Varley.

Claire-Ann reflects “Was it real? Did it actually exist and if so, did it exist in the way it appeared to me? ‘Phantom studies’ looks at the dynamic between two people who, although have the same daily routine, see things in a completely different way. It shows how memories can be warped and changed over time and how one person’s reality is not the same as another’s. It shows the breakdown in a relationship and communication and how sometimes even when we communicate our feelings they are not taken seriously”

Citing influences such as Bon Iver, London Grammar, Daughter and The XX as hugely inspirational, VARLEY continues to make music that is steeped in a classic singer-songwriter and folk heritage, but at the same time retains a contemporary sound.

Formed on the way home after a night out bowling, VARLEY consist of vocalist Claire-Ann Varley, and multi-instrumentalists Matthias Heising and Joschka Bender. Their debut single Roamer reached #23 in the Spotify Viral Charts, boasting 1.5 million plays to date with editorial support from tastemakers such as and Born music and iheartmoosiq were swift to follow. Varley is set to continue captivating listeners in the UK and beyond with their beautiful ethereal sound throughout 2019.

‘Phantom Studies’ is released March 22nd via Seahorse Music.

Love for VARLEY

“brilliantly crafted slice of ethereal, contemporary pop, never taking away focus from Varley’s breathy and haunting vocals” Born Music

“It’s a delicate and dreamy, atmospheric and supple indie/alt pop song that blends the gorgeous harmonics of Oh Wonder with the dusky aura of The xx ” Iheartmoosiq

“As pulsating beats propel the track alongside the shimmering splendour of front woman Claire-Ann’s vocals, a captivating soundscape is created, leaving you no choice but to bask in its glorious, glistening glow.” Get In Her Ears

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