BÉE, releases captivating new single ‘Be’

Dutch singer songwriter BÉE, (pronounced Bae) shares her captivating new single ‘Be’ on July 9th, 2020, produced by Jake Gosling and released via Goldun Egg Records.  The new single follows ‘Nothing Alike’ (rel. 03.20) and debut single ‘See You In A Bit’ (rel. 09.19).

A beautiful, nostalgic stripped back piano ballad, that showcases BÉE’S pitch perfect vocal to striking effect. Simple but profoundly emotive, ‘Be’ is about embracing spiritual sensibility.

Speaking about the new single BÉE said “My mum gave me a tiny red box when I was just 8 years old. In that box was a little piece of paper that said: ‘If you open this box, an angel will come out and they will listen to all of your stories and help you solve your problems.’ I used to talk to this ‘angel’ for hours and hours pretty much every day for years. I really felt like there was someone, or something there to answer me, even though I couldn’t see them. I desperately wanted to meet this angel in person and for them to be tangible. But, as I got older, I understood that it’s fine to just feel the strength and direction it gives me.

BÉE became transfixed with the process of making music at a young age, having spent many hours of her childhood in music studios with her father, a successful songwriter. It is this heritage steeped in music that has enabled the artist to develop a particularly confident and eloquent style that stretches beyond her 19 years.

BÉE’S songs have collectively amassed more than 100K plays on Spotify alone and been supported by tastemaker blogs such as Neon Music and Indie London and Bong Mines Entertainment.  The artist will release new music throughout 2020 and has embraced live streaming during lockdown via Instagram live, showcasing the undeniable talent and versatility of this bright new star.  

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