Alexander James releases new single ‘Like A Lie’ through On’t Sofa Records

Leeds based alt-pop artist Alexander James releases his new single ‘Like A Lie’ on October 13th 2017 through On’t Sofa Records taken from his forthcoming EP ‘I M A K E M U S I C I F E E L T H I N G S I A M H U M A N’ released on October 27th 2017.

‘Like a Lie’ follows the release of debut single ‘Faith’ in early 2017, which reached artist of the week on BBC Radio 1 including plays from Huw Stephens, Greg James and Scott Mills, the latter who proclaimed, “this sounds amazing” and 2nd single ‘Hands’ released 8.9.17.

Speaking about ‘Like A Lie ’ James explains ‘Like a Lie’ is a song about a dark spell with certain substances and how they can make you feel great but also the realisation that it makes you feel much worse and like you are wasting all of your time. It is a hard one because the song is basically saying “look you know this is bad for you so why the fuck are you still doing it” in a round about way. It really comes back to that little self destruct button that so many people have and its acknowledging that it does exist and its hard to make the right decisions that will make your life better for longer not better for an hour. There is a lot of soul searching going on around this time and a lot of regrets, but this is how it was and you can’t escape that. It has made me who I am now, regardless of how happy or unhappy I am. It is weird sometimes to know that you can pin point it back to a few points in your life clearly, the only problem with that is that I felt like I kept reliving those mistakes over and over even though I had moved on from that in a way.

Going on to speak about what influences, James says, “My influences are the feelings that I feel. I don’t like to say that I am, influenced by bands because I think there is a lot more to music than sounding like other people. It is an expression of how I feel and think and I can’t pin it down to one particular style.”

Alexander James is also a visual artist and has created the concept artwork to accompany the project.

Praise for Alexander James:
Greg James (BBC Radio 1) – “ I really really, really like this”
Scott Mills (BBC Radio 1) – “this sounds amazing”
BBC Leeds – “Well this sounds massive, can’t wait to hear what else he has got”
Clashmusic – New cut ‘Hands’ airs first on Clash, a billowing, ever-evolving piece of electronics, in turns soothing and bittersweet.

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